R-Z Lab in Popular Press
Artist reveals the hidden lives and importance of amphibians. NPR’s Allegheny Front, 6/2018
pg-icon-1024x1024Fun with frogs has a serious purpose as middle school students conduct university research. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/2016
unnamedPleasant Hills students use model frogs to collect data for Pitt researchers. Pittsburgh Trib, 9/2016
contentimage-15539-289142-stripanamaYusan Yang’s research at STRI in focus. STRI, 9/2015


fl1141Unexpected results in probiotics study leads to new questions for scientists seeking to protect golden frogs. FrogLog, 5/2015
project1Scientists race to save endangered frogs from lethal fungus. NPR’s Take Two, 1/2013
bbc_earth_logoSuccessful strawberry frog dads die young. BBC Earth, 1/2015
contentimage-15539-289142-stripanamaMay the best morph win. STRI News, 11/2014


smithsonian-com_logoThe race to protect frogs from a deadly pathogen gets a much-needed boost., 4/2015
wpid-thebulletinfblogolight7Frogs around the world are in trouble. Central Oregon’s Bulletin, 12/2012
washington-post-logoScientists try to save the frogs as time runs out. The Washington Post, 12/2012
upi-fb-1Frog color hints at evolution speed. United Press International, 8/2012




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