Join the lab!

Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in joining the lab should contact me directly to discuss their interests (resource on sending a graduate school inquiry email) and then submit an application to the University of Pittsburgh’s graduate program through the Department of Biological Sciences once a possible research idea or project has been discussed. I encourage my students to collaborate with me on existing projects and study systems, as well as develop their own research interests. I am willing to advise students working in other areas so long as their questions are close enough to my own areas of expertise.

This guide for applying to graduate school in biology is a great resource to help navigate the application process by the German lab at UC Irvine.

Financial Support
The Department of Biological Sciences at Pitt provides support for PhD students primarily through teaching assistantships. Some form of financial support is typically available for five years. During the first year of a PhD, students are supported by a University of Pittsburgh Fellowship and are not required to teach. Research assistantships and fellowships may be available during the program as funding permits. Further details can be found on the department’s website. Students are also encouraged to apply for outside funding, see links below:


Highly motivated undergraduates are encouraged to contact me directly about opportunities to get hands-on research experience in ecology and evolutionary biology. The University of Pittsburgh allows opportunities for research credit, or research can be done on a volunteer basis. Please contact your academic advisor when deciding how many research credits may be best for you to pursue. Additionally, below are resources on finding summer research opportunities outside of the University of Pittsburgh:


Prospective postdocs should contact me to discuss research interests and potential funding opportunities. I also encourage you to take a look at the fellowship opportunities below: