Jason Aguirre | HMB Fellow

Jason is an amazing addition to the RZ Lab. He received his undergraduate degree from Binghamton University and is continuing the informal pipeline between Binghamton and Pitt (sounds familiar…) by joining Cori’s lab. Jason enjoys root vegetables, huge slices of pizza, and fighting for the rights of the common people. His research interests include ecotoxicology, urban aquatic ecology, nitrogen cycling, lake ecology, biogeochemistry, macrophyte ecology, and wetland bioremediation.

Jason is the type of person who is constantly working to better himself. He asks insightful questions, listens, and learns with such intentionality it’s inspiring. No doubt the lab has grown as a product of his being here. However, he apparently hates writing short biographies of himself so has left this one up to the lab manager.

Whatever Jason ends up doing in the RZ Lab and beyond, it is the opinion of this lab manager that he will do so with creativity, poise, and joy.